Cigarette Contract Manufacturer

We also provide Leaf Processing, Preparation and Production Facilities for Independent Companies and Customers with Private Label  Cigarette Brands.

As a Leading International Cigarette Contract Manufacturer, We are Proud of our Reputation for Producing Customized Private Label Cigarette Brands for our Customers Worldwide. We routinely handle Dozens of Packages, Styles, and Brands. We are maintaining the Advanced Equipment and Skill to accommodate your exact preferences. We specify your Own Established Blend or you can ask us to Create One that matches your Market needs.

We understand that each Country and each Product has Unique Standards and Complex requirements. In order to ensure the Highest Degree of Quality and Precision for your Market, we provide Specialized Teams Organized Exclusively to meet your needs.

Need different Lengths, alternative Filters or different Colored Cigarette Paper?

We invite you to Challenge us.

Seeking Innovative Blends, New Designs or Packaging Innovations?

Send us your Specifications Today, and we’ll provide a No-Cost Blend Analysis.

From Research and Development, Blend Management and Analysis to Production, Packaging Design, Shipping, and Export Logistics, we maintain Strict Quality Control and Customer Service Standards. We will deliver the Product you specify, to the destination you require.


End-to-End Product Customization

Right from choosing the Blends and Filters to Specifying Package Designs, you can get a Ready-to-Market Range of Cigarettes.

One Stop Services for Cigarette Manufacturing

Stand Alone Services for Cigarette Manufacturing

1. Smoke Analysis

2. Leaf Processing

3. Blended Tobacco

4. Fabrication of Customized Blends

Various Cigarette Dimensions

Cigarette Dimensions

1. Regular Size – 69 mm

2. King Size – 84 mm

3. Semi Slim – 84 mm

4. Menthol – 84 mm

5. 100 MM – 100 mm

6. Super Slim – 100 mm

Cigarette Filters

Cigarette Filters

We know Flavor is important and we can Manufacture a Variety that Covers a Wide Range of Filters as Per Customer Demand.

1. Charcoal

2. Mentholated

3. Regular

4. Recess

Cigarette Packing Formats

Cigarette Pack Formats

1. 100 mm Format: This format is for People who want a Long Lasting Smoke.

2. Semi Slims Format: King Size format with a Larger Diameter as compared to the Super Slims Cigarettes.

3. Super Slims: 100 mm Sticks with 5.5 mm Diameter.

4. Nano Slims: King Size Cigarettes with the Diameter of Super Slims.

5. Square Pack Format: Universally Popular, this is a Classic format that’ll be in Style, always.

6. Round Corner Packs: Premium End Packaging specifically designed to target the Top End Market. The Vertical corners of the Cigarette Pack are Smoothly Rounded providing a Top Grade Look.

7. Bevel Edge Packs: This Tapered Edge format can take a Brand to the next Pedestal in the Market and Enhance the Brand Image. We have introduced this format in Multiple Markets Successfully.